The Founder, CA VIJAYALAKSHMI, is particular about being personally involved in all aspects of the running of the Academy and took a conscious decision to concentrate all her attention and resources to the one and only branch in Coimbatore – a decision that has greatly helped bring out the Best in all our Students.

Stellar results

  • We are Proud to say that in Coimbatore, we have given the best results in CA Final, In our recently held felicitation program, 60+ students who has attended classes at Best Academy for CA Final, were felicitated for Qualifying as Chartered Accountants – a feat unmatched in Coimbatore.
  • A team that can help CA students sail through the most challenging waters of CA Final can certainly help students navigate the other streams of CA Inter and CA Foundation. We make this statement based on our proven track record in CA Inter and CA Foundation.

Teaching Methodology

  • Though examinations these days are more memory driven, we at Best Academy belive in the policy “Understand and Remember”.
  • We Constantly strive to bring out the “BEST” in each student by first creating an interest in the subject – explaining not only the factual position (the”What”) but also the conceptual background (the “Why”).
  •  After creating this initial “spark”, we then try to maximise the performance of the student through exam tips, faculty led revisions, periodic motivational sessions, interactive sessions between the students & alumni, revision tests and optional individual mentoring sessions.
  • We recommend, to our students, “Multiple Revisions” instead of “Multiple Books”. We believe that for some students, going through “Multiple Books” does help to create interest in the subject, but the strategy of “Multiple Revisions” is more suited to most students, as speed is crucial to maximise performance in the exam hall – performance that determines the ultimate outcome.
  • Cash rewards and scholarship incentives are regularly given for the best performers to foster a competitive spirit among the students.

Formidable Faculty Team

  • All our faculty members of the CA Foundation, CA Intermediate & CA Final are specialists in their respective fields with an average teaching experience of 10 years.
    Best Academy has the best Student Teacher ratio in Coimbatore for CA Foundation, CA Intermediate & CA Final.


The Academy focuses on right attitude and conceptual clarity, giving personal attention – the aim being producing maximum results. The dedication and commitment of the Faculty Members, who are experts in each area of study, has equally contributed to the high pass percentage in the last year. We understand the value of your time and money, hence, we provide the best coaching with our unique study material. This gives CA aspirants a proper track of their routine and timely updation on it.

Why best academy?